Registration dates

  • Open for entry :  20th November 2019 at 2pm.
  • Closing date : Midnight, 25th May 2020 (subject to availability)

For the Grand Défi Solidaire, the Solidarity Walk and the “futurs champions” races : registration opens on January 15, 2020 at 2:00 pm, closed on May 25, 2020 at midnight, subject to availability.

Participants in the Grand Défi and the Solidarity walk will be able to register online only after acceptance of the application form. The file must be sent by mail or by letter to the organization before April 15, 2020.

Other terms and conditions

Before registering please read 2020 Ultra Marin race qualifying rules and regulations. (coming soon)

Warning: please read with care as no exemptions will be made!

How to register

Only for the four Trails: 177km, 87km, 56km and RDD 36km, the Nordic Walk, the Solidarity Walk and the races of “futurs champions”).

  • See the 2020 registration process of the Team Relay at this link : Team Relay
  • See the 2020 Grand Défi Solidaire registration process at this link : Grand Défi Solidaire (coming soon).

Step 1 – Create an account

Before registering, you will have to create your account in My Ultra Marin. You will then choose the race to which you want to participate, by logging into your account, eiter in your dashboard or here, on the registration page for the 2020 events.

Note : some of the information provided can be amended on your account at a later date. Please keep your email address and password details for accessing your account and for registering in future events!

Step 2 – Online payment

Online payment by credit card, Visa or Mastercard made by the bank Crédit Agricole.

Various options: you can choose to book a place in a shuttle or buy a road book.

Warning: in case of failure to pay online, the payment step must be renewed in your Ultra Marin space.

Step 3 – Open the registration form

After the payment, go to your “my Ultra Marin” space then in your Ultra Marin dashboard and open the registration form by clicking on the link indicated.

Step 4 – Provide personal details

Fill out the registration form and download the certificate.

You will be asked to provide your surname, first name, date of birth, home address, post code, town, country, competition licence n° and FFA club (optional), telephone numbers and an emergency contact. You will also need to specify the size of the finisher t-shirt that is offered to you.

The participants in the Nordic Walking will also have to choose their departure, according to their objective of time on the race.

Attention : each competitor must register for the 2020 Ultra Marin races from his own account. Your personal account can not be used for registration of another family member or teammate.

You must enter a personal email address and a personal mobile number or of which you are the only user, so that we can contact you during the race.

Then upload a copy of your medical certificate wich must be dated less than a year on the day of the Ultra Marin race and with the mention « in competition». In Fance, this document is compulsory to participate in the race.

You can also register for the Ultra Marin Challenge and check out existing teams  (minimum requirement : 5 in a team) or create your own.

The participants in the Solidarity walk will also have to choose their team.

Step 5 – Validation

After sending your form and downloading your certificate or license your registration will be pending validation. The registration service will have to check your files and validate your registration. (This operation may take a few days).

My Ultra Marin

At the top of our website you can click on My Ultra Marin and get access to your personal details. You can amend some of your details, add options and pay for them online, redefine your departure (Nordic walk) and check receipt of your medical certificate which will be validated a few days after your registration.

However, the choice of your race is final at registration.

Note that registered competitors are those who have:


In case of problem for your registration, contact us by mail HERE