Ultra Marin Challenge


Build a team of at least 5 competitors

and take part in the 2020 Ultra Marin Team Challenge!

Team members are divided into one event (Ex: 5 competitors on the 56km Trail) or on several events (Ex: 1 Grand Raid, 2 Raid 87km, 1 Ronde des Douaniers, 1 Nordic Walk). See No.10 of the Ultra Marin Regulation. Regulation 2020 (available soon).

Each team member successfully completing one of the 5 tests in the Challenge will earn points for the team distributed as in the table below :

Grand Raid 177km Team Relay 177km

Raid 87km

Trail 56km

Ronde des Douaniers 36km Nordic Walk 29km
6 points 4 points

3 points

2 points

1 point 1 point

A bonus of one point per competitor will be awarded to teams whose all  team members will be classified as Finishers.

A unique opportunity to take part in a major sporting challenge ! 

Each competitor must register individually for the 2020 challenge :

· Either directly during the registration process

· Either after registering, by opening his account (under “My Ultra Marin”, then “Edit”) and indicating or choosing exactly the name of the team set by his Company, Club or Association.

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