Information to volunteers

Following government directives prohibiting rallies until mid-July the race will not take place in June

To make this great adventure, a great success, we need your help especially during the week of the event from monday june 24th to sunday june 30th 2019.

Between the end point and the starting point, separated by 177 km of roads and coastal paths, the Ultra marin Raid Golfe du Morbihan Association has the concern to provide security and conviviality to all its trailers and its walkers .

To do this, the organization must ensure the competitors :

A marked route
12 refreshments points, including 5 hotspots
3 points of accommodation
5 rescue posts
9 checkpoints
1 race headquarter in Vannes
10 areas of race

Rights in the image

Note : Volunteers give up their rights to the image for the benefit of the organization and agree that pictures are used on any supports (medias).

If you  want to join the team of volunteers please register at the link below :