Volunteers missions and organization of the Ultra Marin

We are looking for people who may be involved in organizing the event on different positions in the months preceding the race and during the week of the event, from 24th june to 30th June 2019 :

  • Preparing and delivering Numbers.
  • Course marking.
  • Establishment of the exhibition Village in Vannes.
  • Food distribution to the various refreshment points.
  • Welcome on hosting sites, at the arrival of trailers and nordic walkers in Vannes and for the boat trip at Locmariaquer and Port-Navalo.
  • Control and pointing on the course.
  • Transportation of supplies and bags of competitors.
  • Transport of competitors who have abandoned.
  • Security on the course.
  • Follow-up of the competitors at the PC race, in Vannes.
  • Discount finishers prizes on arrival. (Vannes).
  • Photos and videos on the course and on the different sites of the event.
  • Outdoor animations (Singing, Dance, Music etc …)

We are also looking for more specific skills :

  • Medical care with trailers and walkers: doctors, nurses, podiatrists, physiotherapists, masseurs.
  • People able to take responsibility for organizing hardware, supplies, medical management of an area or a team.

For each assignment, several teams are formed to ensure the rotation.

We need you ! Come and join a team of about 1200 volunteers !

Volunteer Mission Example : Driver


Allowing the recovery of competitors who have abandoned and then drive them to the nearest refueling center.

General instructions

The driver is waiting at a refueling or control station.
he only follows the orders of the regulator.
He is resting when he is not driving.


By period of 6 hours: 1 day, 1 night

General provisions

Hold a B license and be able to drive a 9 seater minibus.
Be available during the weekend.
Have sense of direction as the driver might be alone at night.
Do not be bothered by driving at night.